Working with Cultures 2

You must use the COMMISCEO GLOBAL GUIDE for your country. Make a quiz with 8 to 10 questions about the culture and business etiquette for the country: T/F questions, multiple choice questions, or short answer questions, etc. Find the most interesting and important cultural information about doing business in this country.

  • Miyu, Hikaru, Hoshino

Russia – Commisceo Global Guide for Russia

Working with Culture in Russia – Quiz

  • Suzuka, Hiroki, Wakako

Cameroon – Commisceo Global Guide for Cameroon

Working with Culture in Cameroon – Quiz

  • Moe, Marie, Toru

Croatia – Commisceo Global Guide for Croatia

Working with Culture in Croatia – Quiz

  • Airi, Ryosuke, Shiori

Brazil – Commisceo Global Guide for Brazil

Working with Culture in Brazil – Quiz

  • Rie, Katsushi, Honami

Canada – Commisceo Global Guide for Canada

Working with Culture in Canada – Quiz