Wakako’s Circle: Toru, Katsushi, Shiori, Airi

Please watch this video several times, from 0:00 to 4:45 (only watch the first 4 and a half minutes), study the language and content of the video, and participate in the discussion below:

Please make a discussion question for this video:

Please post a response to 2 or more discussion questions:

Please share some new words that you learned from this video:


6 thoughts on “Wakako’s Circle: Toru, Katsushi, Shiori, Airi”

    1. I think the president has big power, so in Japan, Abe is that person.

      It’s difficult to have fair power because there’re many kind of people in the world, so we’re all different to do what we want to do.


  1. I think Abe Shinzou has a big power in Japan. He has a political power. If you had a lot of money, may be you can get a big power. You can buy almost everything using money. I hope fair power but I think it is very difficult to keep.


  2. Same as Wakako.
    I think Shinzo Abe has Abigail power in Japan.
    I think we can’t have fair power.
    Because there are many people who use their power for a war.


  3. From the video, I realized that we also have a power. We are not governors, just citizens. I didn’t think about the power until watching this video. So I didn’t know a lot of words from the video such as democracy, inherently, determine etc. I searched them, so let me share the words mean.

    Democracy : 民主主義
    Inherently : 本来の
    Determine :決心する


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