Toru’s Circle: Rie, Wakako, Katsushi

Please watch this video several times, study the language and content of the video, and participate in the discussion below:

Please make a discussion question for this video:

Please post a response to 2 or more discussion questions:

Please share some new words that you learned from this video:


13 thoughts on “Toru’s Circle: Rie, Wakako, Katsushi”

  1. I thought it is difficult to set spoon, knife and fork. There are many table manners.
    Have you ever try a full course meal? What do you think table manner?


  2. question, some country people don’t like sound to slurp noodles, but some country people it is normal also Japanese is always slurping noodles. is this breach of manners or don’t you think?


    1. In some countries, people may think it is not good to slurp but i don’t care about it. This is a culture difference, so we have to think the situation when you eat something.


      1. Yea, I agree with you. I also do slurp the noodles cuz I usually do it. But I might do not slurp noodles in the expensive restaurant. Because it would not good for other people.


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