Topic Circles

Topic Circles

Topic Circles are an important  part of your participation this term. Every week, you will participate in a Topic Circle, both online and in class. And three times this term, you will lead a Topic Circle. When you are not a leader for a Topic Circle, you will participate as a member of a Topic Circle.

When you are the leader for a topic circle, you must choose an interesting topic for your group to discuss. You should make a video presentation for one of your circles, choose a Ted Ed video for another time, and choose a Newsela news article for the other circle. Please use the Adobe Spark Video App or the online Adobe Spark Video Tool to make a video presentation (Click here to learn about Adobe Spark Video) for one of your circles. This video should be about 4 or 5 minutes in length. Please go to to find an interesting video for another circle. And please go to to find an interesting news story for your circle to discuss at another time.

Adobe Spark Video