Shiori’s Circle: Airi, Hikaru, Katsushi

Please watch this video several times, study the language and content of the video, and participate in the discussion below:

Please make a discussion question for this video:

Please post a reply for 1 or more discussion questions:

Please share some new words that you learned from this video:


9 thoughts on “Shiori’s Circle: Airi, Hikaru, Katsushi”

  1. I don’t understand almost anything in this movie even though I’ve searched words that I didn’t know well. Did anyone get what this movie mean?


    1. My new vocabulary
      Liberty-the freedom and right to do whatever you want without asking permission or being afraid of authority
      domicile-the place where someone lives


    2. I’m sorry. Nothing. when I wrote that comment, there hadn’t been no speaker. It was no problem besides that, so I didn’t notice it.


  2. I think this movie wants to complain about the phrase that is not good to have long and difficult words. I agree with this movie’s thinking like it’s good for phrase to have easy words.


  3. What do you think the writer should use easy words in their books?

    Which do you want to read a book that is written by easy words or difficult words?


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