Rie’s Circle: Hoshino, Saya, Suzuka

Please watch this video several times, study the language and content of the video, and participate in the discussion below:

Please make a discussion question for this video:

Please post a response to 2 or more discussion questions:

Please share some new words that you learned from this video:


2 thoughts on “Rie’s Circle: Hoshino, Saya, Suzuka”

  1. I’m so sorry for I can’t make it tomorrow but I have some questions to my circle members.

    Q1) Do you like roller coaster and haunted house? And why or why not?

    Q2) Does time to do what with friends feel like a thrill most?

    Q3)What felt like most scared in your life?


  2. Do you like to go to amusement park?
    Why people go to amusement park with friends?
    Why people ride a roller coaster even though they know that it get scared?

    Dizziness-feeling unable to stand steadily
    Boost-to increase or improve something and make it more successful
    Accomplishment-something successful or impressive that is achieved after a lot of effort and hard work


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