Mawin’s Circle: Hikaru, Miyu, Saya, Hiroki

Please watch this video several times, study the language and content of the video, and participate in the discussion below:

Please make a discussion question for this video:

Please post a response to 2 or more discussion questions:

Please share some new words that you learned from this video:


9 thoughts on “Mawin’s Circle: Hikaru, Miyu, Saya, Hiroki”

  1. Words that I learned from this video
    It means that sth changes to sth complex gradually.
    Social dance
    This is a type of dances and it’s a pair dance.


    1. Japanese people are shy, so they don’t like to do something different from others. One of reasons that I think why we don’t dance is due to our personality


      1. Not Japanese People are shy. I think some people in the world are shy. And I think to the social dance is difficult for some people.


  2. If we were to dance in front of our classmates in the next month, what kind of social dance would we perform?
    I have already sent a discussion question, but no one else sent another discussion topic ,or I can’t see any other comments. Therefore, I ll send a new discussion question.


    1. What I wanna dance in front of them is Twist because I think this one is the easiest social dance in this video. We only have 30 days, so choosing the easiest one is the most important thing. Tell me other opinions.


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