Hikaru’s Circle: Ryosuke, Akiho, Honami, Miyu

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Wanna go 120mph?
Go Skydiving

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9 thoughts on “Hikaru’s Circle: Ryosuke, Akiho, Honami, Miyu”

  1. Do you want to skydive? If you want to, why do you want to skydive? If not, why don’t you want to do it? Tell me your answers and the reasons.


    1. I want to skydive once because I like high places like at top of mountains, in a high rise, and in a plane. I can see a great view and I get excited. I’m not basically good at roller coaster because I’m scared to fall, but I still want to skydive. Something attracts me. I think it’s an excitement for something new.


    1. No, I don’t. Because this special experience will be a precious memory, and It will make you change. In addition, I think this skydiving fee is included an insurance and skydivers who fall with fun jumpers has a big responsibility to come back to the ground without any accidents. Therefore, I think this is not expensive.


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